Dollhouse Miniature Bulb Extractor #CK1051

  • At last a tool to eliminate the maddening task of screw bulb removal. Some chandeliers are designed in such a manner as to make bulb removal nearly impossible.
  • The CK1051 Bulb Extractor simplifies this effort and makes light work out of a previously difficult task. Simply slide down over bulb, twist it and remove the bulb. Flexible teeth adjust to grip the wide variances that exist in bulb design and manufacture.
  • The hollow rubber tip on the opposite end may be used for gripping bulbs when only the tips are exposed. It may also be removed for tight access locations.
  • Nickel plated, brass construction assures a lifetime of satisfactory operation. Use with all screw-base type flame-tip bulbs.
  • Detailed scale model for adult collectors. Not intended for children under 14

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