Dollhouse Miniature Hollow Eyelets, Small, Pkg of 110 #CK1023-1

  •  These hollow eyelets provide an easy and convenient alternative to the "brass bradding" of tape runs. Their larger size and ease of handling greatly simplifies the electrical connection process.
  • For MDF material type dollhouses, these eyelets are the ideal interconnection method.
  • Eyelets are brass and measure approximately 1/8" long with an inside diameter of .044" and outside diameter of .056". Package of 110. Illustrated instructions included in each package.
  • To install, first make a starter hole using either our No. 55 drill bit or the CK1044 Awl. Next, place the eyelet in the hole and push in for a quick and absolutely positive electrical connection.
  • Detailed scale model for adult collectors. Not intended for children under 14

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